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Per Me Si Va by Paolo Petrocci

Uncertainty and vulnerability are both parts of human nature and even of our souls. With the release of author Paolo Petrocci’s compelling new book Per Me Si Va, readers are about to embark on a highly philosophical and dramatic journey that will unveil the threads and very meaning of human life.

Featuring a dramatic story that explores humanity, Per Me Si Va takes a close look at people’s psychological needs for certainty in their lives. While publicly successful, a review of our lives can at times be shown to be actually incomplete. When people start to feel adrift and insecure of themselves, it is then that their lives can become sensationally difficult. These aspects are represented in the book’s protagonist named Paolo, a. man who never had to want or ask and managed to accomplish all he attempted, even when surrounded by trauma and tragedy. Paolo begins a Dante-esque journey and with the help of three guides, he moves towards finding the true answer to his feeling of vulnerability. Could this be his destiny? Only time can tell.

This book concretely explains that all of us experience cycles of attraction, acceptance, hope, disillusionment, doubt and fear. It also proves that we can find the psychological need for certainty in multiple ways in life.